Seven Immortals | Immortality: Boon or Curse by Shalini Modi consist of 8 chapters that tell us about mortality and immortality. The author has shared a shlok that contains the names of seven immortals from the Hindu mythology. They are all male characters from Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharata. But they had achieved a lot in their field and are immortal only till pralay.
Who were those seven immortals and were they blessed or cursed to live till the end of Kalyug?

This is a mythological story and it’s one of my favourite genre. Each story was intriguing and unique in their own way. One can learn very important life lessons from each one of them. The language used is simple and understandable. The title is eye-catching and cover is apt.

Overall, it was a good short read. I recommend this book to all the mythological readers.


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