Sherlock and Devdas by Manav Vigg @manav.vigg is a blend of mystery, thrill and suspense. The story revolved around Devdas, a drunk heartbroken guy walked in an exhibition displayed around by artefacts, paintings, sculptures and many more valuable art items. There were very few people who valued these gems. There came a time when his piece of art was being auctioned away. His painting was named as, “Raas Leela”. With the Paro’s arrival with his husband, Dev got torn but she only took that painting in, ‘1 crore’. As it was their symbol of togetherness. But, an unexpected event took place some artefact got stolen and a detective Sherlock was hired to investigate this case.

Both belonged to different fields but joined hands to solve it. Will they be successful? Why Dev and Paro got apart? Who robbed those artefacts?

The plot was intriguing and suspense was well maintained. It increased my curiosity to know who was that mysterious person and how different personalities solved this case. The language was understandable. I came across some new words. The characters were well maintained. The title and cover perfectly matched the plot. Overall, it was an interesting different read to me.

Do let me know your thoughts.

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