The Tattoo Trail by Gurucharan Singh Gandhi is a thriller story that revolves around Vishnukant Aklawat, a top defence honcho. He was working on India’s response to the Chinese Dokalam intransigence and got murdered in his hospital room. The detectives Keshav Kumar from Bihar and Sumitra Devi, an ex-wrestler from Haryana were hired to solve this murder mystery. Just a week away for an international summit, will Keshav and Sumitra be able to solve this mysterious case?

This story was a blend of murder, mystery, thrill, politics and suspense. As, I started reading there were many storylines that brought multiple questions in my minds. The plotline was even filled with twist and turns. It created a suspense for me to know what will happen next. The characters were well characterized. The writing style in the beginning was gripping. The language was simple and understandable. The cover and title are apt. Overall, it was a good read.


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