Diamonds are forever, so are morals by Arun Tiwari and Kamlesh Yagnik is an autobiography of Govind Dholakia. He was a dropout student who migrated to Surat with his elder brother. There he joined a diamond factory, learned how to cut, polish and give shape to a rough diamond. With hard work, morals and dedication he built up the world’s largest diamond company from scratch.

Whatever teachings Govind learned he brought them to his life. He has shared his achievements, family, experiences, and philosophy of life which he calls the Triveni of life. He was one of the successful businessmen who always stayed kind, morally decent human being.

I have read many autobiographies but this was unique and inspiring as I learned much from it. Govind has shared some shlokas’ from Bhagavat-Gita in every chapter. He has shared the images of his family, the great personalities he met, and the company he created. At the end of every page, he even shared the meanings of some difficult words.

He has narrated his life in a motivational story form. The language used is simple and understandable. The title is eye-catching and it was only something that made me pick this book. The cover is appropriate. Overall, it was the best autobiography and I would highly recommend it to everyone.


#qotd : Have you ever read any autobiography?
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